Corporate Gifts and Incentives (WHEN & WHY?)

Gifts & Incentives can be given for many reasons, here are the most typical:-

  • A new promotion
  • the opening of a new office
  • the completion of a major project
  • meeting a deadline
  • achievement of an important personal or business goal
  • business or personal anniversary
  • retirement
  • a new account
  • company/department expansion
  • a successful project or proposal
  • meeting a crucial deadline
  • For a difficult personal or business goal
  • an unpleasant task
  • a problem that needs to be solved
  • an incentive program
  • an employee involvement initiative
  • a suggestion program
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  • a change in your Business focus
  • a move to new premises
  • the release of key Financial statements
  • a new product range
  • tie in with seasonal and commemorative events
  • exhibitions or conferences
  • your product and/or services
  • important vendors
  • helpful sources for business
  • an incentive or employee involvement program.
Be Human
  • Give Thanks for business passed
  • hard work & acheivement
  • working overtime to complete an order
  • paying bills on time
  • During serious illness or hospitalisation
  • after a deal falls through

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