Attract your target audience to your stand at your next Expo.
Treat them with an appropriate gift or even better offer a gift to be delivered on a follow-up appointment.
At MaxImpression Ltd a quality selection of conference bags & cases, folders, name badges and clipboards which can be personalised with your logo and message
Printed Toy now becomes a Promotional tool Toys
  • We can print on almost any product to allow it to become a promotion
  • miniature models or soft toys
  • remember a soft toy taken home can catch the recipients eye at the weakest moment.
Stress Balls
  • Tried, tested, still well received
  • Contact us to see full range of different shapes
  • There's a shape for every need!
  • Novel bouncy ball
  • Flashing lights and optional sounds
  • It will certainly grab the attention if only for a short while
  • Choice of colours

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