Successful Exhibitions

If you are new to participating in an exhibition, or wish to improve on past performances, here are a few tips to make the event run smoothly:-
  • Book and pay for the show space
  • Plan the layout and order equipment such as tables; chairs; samples etc
  • Design and organise the show flyers
  • Set your budget
  • Organise editorials and photographs in support media
Promotional Material
Consult MaxImpression Ltd and arrange a supply of in-expensive give-aways for potential clients. Balloons; Carrier bags; Mugs; Pens and Bugs
Travel & Accomodation
Make hotel bookings if required, arrange transport for staff & equipment
It is important that everyone knows the times of the shows, has entry passes and when they are expected to attend Presentations

Uniform look, all wear identifiable clothing with name tags (all available from MaxImpression Ltd) Make it easy for visitors to identify who works on the stand

  • Who is responsible for co-ordinating all the collection of material required for the show?
  • Who is the liaison person with the event organisers?
  • Who organises the timetables, rosters, transport, parking, phones etc?
  • Who does the demonstrations and on-stand selling?
  • Who looks after the cleaning & presentation of the stand?
  • Who is in charge of the appointments book & follow-up?
  • Who looks after the advertising; promotions and PR?
  • Who is in charge of the design; printing and distribution of the flyers?
  • Who is the contact with MaxImpression Ltd.

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